On 2nd May 2015, the 9th / 12th Royal Lancers and the Queen’s Royal Lancers amalgamated with to form The Royal Lancers.
The Queen’s Royal Lancers was itself formed by amalgamation of 16th / 5th Queen’s Royal Lancers and 17th / 21st Lancers in 1993, so The Royal Lancers now embraces six antecedent Regiments, and is the only remaining Lancer Regiment in the Army.
On 5 April 2017, to mark her 70th anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief of The Royal Lancers, The Queen’s Royal Lancers and 16th /5th Lancers Her Majesty the Queen graciously granted the Regiment the suffix ‘Queen Elizabeths’ Own’, reflecting also Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s 41-year Colonelcy of the 9th/ 12th Lancers.
Since its formation in 2015 The Royal Lancers has deployed soldiers operationally on Operation ELGIN (Bosnia / Kosovo), Operation TOSCA (Cyprus) and Operation ORBITAL (Ukraine).  Its antecedent Regiments have records of distinguished service stretching as far back as 1689.
The Regiment recruits primarily from across the Midlands.