Cavalry Officers' Sword - NSN - 8465-99-973-6875

SKU: 8465-99-973-6875

As the holder of the official MoD Contract, this sword carriers the EIIR crown inline with Project marathon, we will transition when directed as part of the contract which may come without prior warning. 

1912 Cavalry Officers Sword and Scabbard

The high carbon steel blade is embellished with the regimental crest. The guard features a sophisticated design that seamlessly transitions to the nickel-plated high carbon steel blade. The black ray-skin grip is bound with silver-plated copper wire and capped with a stepped pommel.

  • The Cavalry Officers’ Sword can be carried in a brown leather scabbard with plated steel mouthpiece for service wear or in a nickel-plated steel scabbard for full dress occasions.
  • Blade & Tang Steel:   Polished & etched
  • Guard:  Mild steel, 1.6mm thick, engraved and bright nickel plated
  • Pommel:  Brass casting, bright nickel plated
  • Grip:   Wood or high impact polystyrene core covered with black fish skin Alternatively a high impact polystyrene core with simulated fish skin finish.
  • Ferrule Brass, bright nickel plated
  • Under nut:  Mild steel
  • Pommel nut:  Mild steel, polished
  • Grip wire 3 strands of 0.3mm diameter copper wire. Silver plated
  • Buff Leather, white
  • Delivery 8-10 weeks.